E. B. Cox´s Garden of the Greek Gods

The “Garden of the Greek Gods” is a collection of 21 sculptures in limestone, created by the Toronto artist E.B. Cox in the 1960s. Cox (1914-2003) is widely regarded as one of Canada’s greatest sculptors in stone. The sculptures depict the “Greek Gods” and range in size from 500lbs to 5 tons (Hercules, which is 12 feet tall). The art is owned by the City of Toronto, these are part of the inventory of important public art and the pieces are managed by Exhibition Place. The sculptures have been in their present location since 1979 and until recently delighted many visitors. Sadly, the sculpture garden is now completely fenced in by the nightclub that leases the land from Exhibition Place. While the sculptures are imprisoned on the patio of this 19+ nightclub they cannot even be seen by the public, let alone enjoyed by children. The use of these priceless artworks as patio decorations in a private nightclub is both disrespectful to the artist and his family, as well as, degrading to the art and to Canadian heritage in general. Let’s keep Toronto’s public art in the public realm! https://www.facebook.com/FreetheGreekGods/info?tab=page_info

Exhibition Place,
Toronto ON

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