If you’re looking to enhance your city-shaping work, your network, or your next event, Shape My City staff can help!

Shape My City staff are available to work with you on:

Event Design and Facilitation - We help you get the most out of meetings and events. We work with you to define your event goals and meet them through processes that are engaging, creative, and high-energy.

Jane's Walk Wrap Event

Network Visualization and Mapping - We help you unleash the power of your network. By illustrating who is in your network, what they bring, and how people are connected, we help you do sense-making, measuring, and tracking.

Live Network Mapping at Spacing Launch Party – Photo Credit Yvonne Bambrick

Applying Systems Thinking - We help you see the challenges you face in the context of dynamic systems and guide you to work within a systems framework. We work with you to unearth the significant patterns at play in the context in which you operate, and help you identify key leverage points for nurturing growth.

Client Testimonial:

“That was a fantastic experience! We are so pleased with how everything turned out.

A million thanks for pushing us to take this new and crucial step toward deepening our understanding of our participants. We couldn't have pulled it off without you.

The feedback from attendees was terrific. The opportunity to contribute to the development of our organization seems to have struck a chord with our network. They appreciated that their ideas matter and they demonstrated that with their passion during the workshop.”

Kate Watanabe
Toronto Programming & Events Coordinator, Jane's Walk

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